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Art History, among other things, is the autobiographical reflection  of (wo)mankind's subjectivity.  The story of art throughout the ages not only indirectly represents the actual "facts" and circumstances of our past, but it, more importantly (in this context) represents our deep and often subconscious emotional responses to those life conditions.

The deep impressions within the human psyche that are either the source, the foundation, or a fundamental component of, the "muse"...combined with our ability to receive creative inspiration, and the vulnerability and courage it takes for us to express ourselves artistically and authentically...could be the very thing that makes us "human". From this perspective, Art History is therefore the most accurate portrait of humanity we have available.

For artists and non-artists alike, these videos could not only serve as inspiration to create art, but as representing of your own history. Could it be you, who once saw the world merely in terms of survival, only to soon after find yourself in a magical world of dangerous passages inhabited with Dark and Benevolent Gods, bandits, and the like...eventually finding solace in the adherence to the One True Way, and (perhaps) eventually breaking free of even that, with something of a personal Renaissance...and therefore opening yourself up to a literally incomprehensible amount of multiple perspectives to be navigated through, and perhaps even ethically stratified?

Art History: the View from 10,000 feet

Why People Make Art

Cave Art

Mesopotamian Art

Ancient Egyptian Art

Greek Art

Etruscan and Roman Art

Early Cristian, Byzantine, and Islamic Art

Early and High Renaissance

Venetian Renaissance

Late Gothic

Renaissance of the North




Neoclassical Art









Non-Objective Art

Abstract Expressionism

Art of the 50s and 60s


Postmodern Art

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