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The Official Sage Math Tutoring

SAT MATH Confidence with Results Program

Studying for and taking the SAT can be a stressful, expensive, and time-consuming period for both students and parents alike...but it does not have to be.


Through many years of tutoring experience, I have consistently learned that this period is instead an opportunity for intellectual growth and a  newfound confidence in student abilities. Studying for and taking the SAT sets the stage for a new chapter of independence, adulthood, and purpose.

When students see their focused efforts pay off by getting accepted into the college of their choice, they experience a higher degree of self-love. Parents save money. And both students and parents enjoy more free time with the absence of a commute to a test prep center.

We maximize test scores through a balance of personalization and structure. Every student has different goals and different mathematical/comprehensive, and thus must be catered to on a personalized basis. My objective is to raise my student's comprehension and score/grade, I focus on whatever it takes to make that happen.


Nonetheless, a baseline structure is necessary; one that takes into account  certain priorities regarding the SAT Exam. The proposed structure is as follows:

The Sage Math Tutoring 6-Steps-to-Success Structure™


  1. Diagnostic Test and Analysis of Areas of Improvement

  2. Overview of SAT Math Test Strategies and Math Concepts

  3. Diagnostic Test and Analysis of Remaining Areas of Improvement

  4. Areas of Improvement Focus (Algebra, Geometry, Word Problems, etc.)

  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 as we approach Test Date

  6. Pre-Test Review of Test Strategies


It is best to begin the studying process at least three months before the test date. However, if there is limited time to study, the above 6 steps may be condensed and will still yield significant improvements in student test scores. Click here for a schedule of upcoming test dates.

What Sets Sage Math Tutoring Apart?


Convenience: I'm an In-Home and Online Tutor (Skype), so I either come to you, or am available at the click of a button. Parents don't have to be a taxi drivers.

Flexibility: Sometimes my students have a game, an event, a checking-out-colleges-this-week trip...and I will work with your schedule.

Results through a balance of structure with personalization (see above)


Amicability: You will be working with a tutor who enjoys his job, and genuinely wants to be there.

Non-boring instruction: This is largely because I enjoy teaching. I like to say that my students don't need to have good attitudes...I have a good enough attitude for the both of us.

Experience: I've worked with all kinds of students in all kinds of settings from High Schools in the Abbott District, to Private Schools, to Test Prep Center settings.

Clear Instruction: If my student doesn't "get it"...perfect. That means I get to discover new and creative ways of demonstrating the material (yay).

Patience: If I have a student that does not understand a thought process is as follows: "How do I know my student should not understand this concept yet? They don't understand it yet. What is, is. If I mentally argue with it, I lose. And how can we proceed from here?"

"Dan Abbott came very highly recommended to help with Math SAT prep by a college counselor my friend had hired for her children.  We are very happy we got to know him and work with him. Among other things, Dan was able to pin-point specific areas my daughter needed additional help with. It had been a while since she had taken Algebra, and Dan pinpointed specific areas where she needed special attention.  He even went so far as to purchase additional material to help her with specific types of Algebra word problems, and offered test-day nutritional suggestions. Dan has a down to earth and friendly manner, and both my daughter and I immediately felt comfortable with him. Due in part to Dan's reliability, consistency, and insight, my daughter was able to significantly increase her prior test score and attain a Math score of 720.  We are all very proud of her, and pleased with our choice to take advantage of Dan's tutoring. It’s our pleasure to recommend him to others.

---Mary, Sea Girt, NJ


When the SAT and ACT test dates came around, the regular help (tutoring) from Dan paid off: Matthew scored a perfect score in math on both the SAT and ACT. Not only are we happy with Matthew's test scores, but we recognize the long term benefits of having him feel great and actually learn the building blocks required for higher level math."

---Leigh Dym, Rumson, NJ


"My college counselor recommended I contact Dan Abbott for assistance on improving my SAT test scores. He worked on time management and strategy with me, and took the time to go over the question types I had difficulty answering, until I was able to comfortably solve them. Dan's teaching style is straightforward and thorough, and that made my entire SAT preparation process easier.  When the time came to take the test I was comfortably prepared, confident and able to focus. With Dan's help I was able to raise my SAT mathematics score 80 points, but the confidence I gained working with him undoubtedly influenced my scores outside of the math sections.  I enjoyed getting to know Dan Abbott, on top of working with him to raise my test scores.  He is a genuinely good guy, and I highly recommend him for hire."
---Sam Wilt, Spring Lake, NJ


"Dan  has made math a class I like to go to now. I feel confident to raise my hand in class and I have done well on the tests that I have taken since he began working with me. Dan was also very chill which made me comfortable to ask him questions. I think Dan is the best math tutor."

---Lilly, Rumson, NJ

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