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The discovery and (eventual) widespread acceptance, through physics, that we are actually not the center of the universe had an unimaginable psychological impact on humanity. Nowadays there are popular appeals to quantum physics when attempting to describe bedrock reality, sometimes with claims of existential and spiritual implications for mankind as a whole. These are two examples of how, of all of the "hard" sciences, physics could very well contain the most potential to blow the cultural status quo to pieces.

These videos are designed with the intention of helping any physics student (official or otherwise) gain clarity regarding various concepts, through a thorough exploration of motion, mechanics, work, energy, power, electricity, magnetism, and the physics of sound and light. Featured within each video are practice problems with solutions. Enjoy!

Math as the Language of Physics

One-Dimensional Movement

Intro to Vectors

Two-Dimensional Movement

Forces in Motion


Projectile Motion

Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation

Work and Power

Kinetic Energy

Potential Energy

Conservation of Energy and Momentum

Solids, Liquids, and Gases


Heat Energy

Sound Energy

Atoms. Ions, Isotopes

Electricity at Rest

Electricity in Motion

Light as Particles

Light as Waves

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