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One of the great contributions of the Western world is the gift of psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of human nature. Through it's devotion to understanding what people do, why/when/how they do it, and how to change the parts of human behavior that cause emotional pain, it has come to establish numerous principles that could be beneficial for all cultures to take into account. Some of the insights suggested by various fields of psychology can have positive implications in the realms of emotional healing (for relationships and individuals), spiritual practice, education, advertising, and even geopolitics.

Below are a collection of videos outlining the fields of psychology and ways in which psychology can be applied to improve one's life and relationships (yay)!

Major Players and Various Schools

Evolution of:

  • Psychology as a Science
  • Human Behavior
  • Individual Behavior

How we make sense of the world

Raising and Altering Consciousness

Learning and Memory


Stress and the Human Response to It

The Development of the Personality

How Other People Influence Us

The Difference Between Quirky Personality Traits and Mental Illness

What is "Normal"?

Positive Psychology

How we combat Mental Illness

Major Psychological Disorders

The Different Kinds of Projection

Projection as Psychological Defense Mechanism

Defense Mechanisms

Developmental Psychology

A Closer Look at Spiral Dynamics

The Coinciding of Developmental Theorists and Spiritual Teachers

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