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In the mid-20th Century, The philosopher/linguist Jean Gebser posited that human consciousness has experienced, and is experiencing,  notable transitions through various stages of consciousness. According to him, humans have shown evidence of having traversed through and "archaic", to "magic", to "mythic", to "mental", to "integral" phases of individual and cultural consciousness...with each stage being more complex than the ones that came before.

A strong case could be made that this is a good thing, as increased complexity in consciousness perhaps paves the way for increased capacity to take the perspective of others, which could therefore pave the way for increasing spheres of compassion.

Could this indeed be the, or at least, "a" trajectory of humankind (assuming there is one)?

If so, it's valuable to recognize the "good news" items that come with such development (i.e. the abolition of slavery, the forging of documents that extend universal rights to all, the advent of first and second wave feminism, civil rights, extended average lifespan due to medical advancements, the possibility that the world is getting increasingly less violent, etc.). And as Steven Pinker is important to become clear about what it is we are doing right, instead of (or in addition to) focusing on what we are doing wrong.

And still it seems that, in from the lyrics of musician Stuart Davis, the "higher" we climb, the more the ladder sways. Below are a selection of videos that describe various ways in which the ladder is well as links to various organizations that are brainstorming solutions. Solutions are not possible without clearly (and in our "sound-bite" culture, quickly) defining the problem. And ultimately, there are no more prizes for forecasting the rain, only prizes for building the ark. You, me, and everyone, is invited to that process.

Environmental Issues

Food and Agriculture Issues

Climate Change and Global Warming

Third World Debt

Trade, Economy, & Related Issues

Nuclear Weapons

Arms Trade



Criminal Court

Health Issues

Foreign Policy

Food Aid Maintains Poverty


War on Terror

Consumption and Consumerism

Genetically Engineered Food

Conflicts in Africa

Sustainable Development

Human Rights Issues

Fair Trade

Mainstream Media

World Hunger and Poverty

Possibilities of a Hidden Globalist Agenda

Palestine and Israel

Natural Disasters

Arms Control


​Middle East

Free Trade and Globalization

The G8 possibly having too much Power


Poverty, and it’s causes


Human Population

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