Religion is as old as Humanity. Inspired by intuition, direct experience, and/or faith, human beings have for millennia sought an understanding of, relationship with, and/or connection to a higher being, order, and/or reality. The codification, public acknowledgement, and celebration of this process is what is known as religion.

Through the medium of religion, (wo)mankind has managed to express the best and the worst of it's nature. The potential of religion to be either a powerfully constructive/unifying or destructive/separative force, has been demonstrated well throughout our history.

And here we are now, as one human species, in a world that is getting smaller, seemingly faced with the choice to cultivate cooperation and tolerance, or face a possibly self-imposed destruction. The videos below aim to cultivate cooperation and tolerance by presenting various facts about the major religions of the world, and thereby fostering mutual understanding/recognition.

Religion in General


  • General
  • Prevalent Christian Faiths





Ancient Faiths

Native American Faiths






African Faiths

Pacific Rim Faiths

New Age and other Beliefs

Possibly Lesser Known Faiths

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