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A three to four week, health-promoting, educational experience for 6th and 7th graders, designed to help students build confidence, and counter Summertime mental stagnancy.

Through a combination of healthy exercise, nutrition, and individualized attention, students will be able to fulfill their goals of either catching up, maintaining, or forging ahead on relevant mathematical material.

Where will the sessions be held?

Sessions will commence at Synergy Hot Yoga (Fair Haven) and Inner Calm Health and Wellness (Spring Lake). Each student will choose one of these locations, depending on geographical convenience. The studios will not be heated at the time.

Why yoga and organic green juice?


The Yoga and green juice is of course optional. The short-term benefits of yoga and quality nutrition is to bring not only fun, uniqueness, and color to the educational experience, but to also nourish, integrate, and activate the body and mind in preparation for learning. The long-term benefits are to provide for students a reference experience of the positive difference such lifestyle habits can make on one's capacity to absorb, process, and effectively express information.


Where will the organic juice come from?

For the sessions at Synergy Hot Yoga, the juice will be made and purchased at Fair Winds Deli (next door to the studio). For the sessions at Inner Calm Health and Wellness, the juice will be made, purchased, and delivered to the studio from The Basin Bar (located in Asbury Park).


What is the structure of the sessions/overall camp?

Classes are held over a span of four weeks, at Synergy Hot Yoga, beginning on July 9th, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 2 to 4.

Classes are held over a span of four weeks, at Inner Calm Heath and Wellness, beginning on July 8th, on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 2 to 4.

Each student receives six total two hour classes, which would obviously suggest three weeks, however, since there is the possibility of circumstantial absences, there will be an additional "buffer" week, (making possible 2 additional  make-up days for each student who had been previously absent).

Each session will be two hours long and consists of 15 to 20 minutes of gentle and fun yoga, followed by 15 to 20 minutes of hanging out over green juice, followed by 80 to 90 minutes of math learning and practice.

My child has specific areas of difficulty and/or needs, how will these be addressed?


Before the first day of Yoga Green Juice Math Camp, I get in contact with the parents of each student, so as to create a file on each, delineating the most recent and upcoming curriculum of each student, and the specific goals of each student. These goals fall into three categories: catch up, maintain, or forge ahead. I will take notes regarding the progress of each student, so as to ensure that each student is sufficiently and appropriately challenged throughout.

There is room for spontaneity and flexibility regarding methods used, depending on the needs and disposition of each student, These methods range from the usage of whiteboard "mini-lectures" on mathematical concepts (assuming overlap of multiple student needs), to working together in groups, to individual focused practice.

What materials will be used? Do students need to bring anything with them?


For practice problems, each student will use one of six workbooks, depending on their needs and goals: Spectrum Math: 5, Spectrum Math: 6, Spectrum Math: 7, Spectrum Math: 8, Spectrum Math: Algebra 6-8, and Spectrum Math: Geometry 6-8. Which workbook to use is something I can help parents decide upon before the first day of camp. It is necessary for the student to bring workbook(s) with them on the first day.

I supply the rest of the material, including scrap paper, pencils, whiteboard, my awesome personality, and organic green juice.

What is the fee?


$275 for six total sessions (which comes out to approximately $20 for each hour of Yoga/Nutrition/Math Tutoring), to be paid up front, via check or cash. If mailing a check is not optimal, both Synergy Hot Yoga and Inner Calm Health and Wellness have "Yoga Green Juice Math Camp" envelopes where payments can be dropped off. For the latter option, it's best to arrive before or after a yoga class. If the former is an optimal, contact me for the mailing address.

How do I sign up?

By requesting a spot via contacting me on this site or calling (contact info below)!

"Dan Abbott has been working with my three kids for over three years now, and the service has been invaluable. Due in part to Dan's tutoring, my oldest son was able to get into the school of his dreams. Not only does Dan consistently bring something fun and artistic to the table every meeting, but he has been able to effectively cater to the wide range of needs of each of my children (the youngest, being in 8th grade, the oldest, being in his second year of university). It is a relief to have Dan's creativity and consistency in our busy and sometimes erratic lives. We easily consider him part of the family"-Stephanie, Ocean, NJ

"When I realized that I had to take a College level math class, I felt great trepidation and so I immediately called Dan Abbott. After working with Dan on a weekly basis I was able to not only to pass all quizzes, assignments but also aced the midterm and final. I highly recommend Dan as a math tutor to anyone of any age, level or ability!!!!!"---Sherri Ehrlich, Red Bank, NJ


"A Couple of weeks ago I had a test and was immensely confused on the subject. Dan then offered me an over the phone session which made a huge difference. He was able to go through everything like he was actually here. Dan has defiantly made a large difference in my confidence and performance in math class."

-Alexandra Kaye, Little Silver, NJ


"Daniel Abbott is a patient and understanding tutor with exceptional interpersonal skills - he related extremely well to my teenage son & daughter in assisting them with their respective math needs, Geometry and SAT Math review.  I would highly recommend him for outside classroom support or test review and preparation."
-Liz Moss, Shrewsbury, NJ


"I have known Dan for many years as one of my favorite Yoga Teachers. He has been a good friend and has inspired me to thing originally and deeply. When my son was struggling with Geometry, I asked Dan to tutor him and it has worked out great!! My son enjoys his time with Dan, and has told me that he feels more comfortable in Math Class , and has a much better grasp of the subject. Thanks Dan!"
-Amy Richardson CMT, RYT



"Dan came highly recommended to help with Math SAT prep by a college counselor my friend had hired for her children.  We are very happy we got to know him and work with him. Among other things, Dan was able to pin-point specific areas my daughter needed additional help with. It had been a while since she had taken Algebra, and Dan pinpointed specific areas where she needed special attention.  He even went so far as to purchase additional material to help her with specific types of Algebra word problems, and offered test-day nutritional suggestions. Dan has a down to earth and friendly manner, and both my daughter and I immediately felt comfortable with him. Due in part to Dan's reliablity, consistency, and insight, my daughter was able to significantly increase her prior test score and attain a Math score of 720.  We are all very proud of her, and pleased with our choice to take advantage of Dan's tutoring. It’s our pleasure to recommend him to others.

---Mary, Sea Girt, NJ

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